Our Roll of Honour Board at St Patrick's lists the following parishioners:

From First World War 

  • Captain Eric Parsons
  • Sergeant Alfred Arculus
  • Sergeant Harold Derby
  • Gunner Edward Prince
  • Private George Bullivant
  • Private Alfred Allcock
  • Private Arthur Waton
  • Private George Savage
  • Private Harold Clifton
  • Private William Parry
  • Private Walter Harris
  • Private James Carter
  • Private Sidney Butler
  • Private Matthew Willson
  • Lieutenant Gilbert R Barnard

From the Second World War

  • Dennis A Hewitt                           R.A.F.
  • Bernard I Pratt                                 R.N.
  • William G Rooker  Royal Sussex Regt.

"At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
we will remember them."

A Prayer of Remembrance

O God of truth and justice,
we hold before you those people who have been injured
or who have died in active service.
As we honour their courage
and cherish their memory,
may we put our faith in your future;
for you are the source of life,
peace and hope,
now and for ever.

More prayers can be found on the Church of England website.