Our Children

Our work at St Patrick's with children and young people is covered by Junior Church and Messy Church. Many of our children have connections with either the school or nursery, which together form St Patrick's Primary Academy.

Junior Church

Junior Church meets on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays of the month during termJunior Church children showing their work at the end of a service time. We start at 10.00am in the church and then, after 'The Welcome', the children leave together to go into the Undercroft. Here we have a story, sing songs and take part in craft activities. All ages are welcome and parents can feel free to accompany the younger children or those coming for the first time. Junior Church then joins the rest of the congregation back in church for communion, which is towards the end of the service. Very near the end of the service, the children usually get an opportunity to come and share their activities with the older members of the congregation.

The first Sunday of the month is normally an all age service where there is no communion and the children stay in church for the whole service.

The third Sunday of the month is family communion where children are invited to become involved with the service, helping to prepare for communion and taking the collection. Raisins are offered to the children and those not taking the bread and wine.

Our Junior Church Gallery is here.

Messy Church

A red splat of paint underneath the words MESSY CHURCHMessy Church is for families who might want to ‘do’ church differently.

It is enjoyed by both regular mainstream church families wanting to have a change from the usual Sunday morning church services and it is equally enjoyed by those families who want to raise their children as Christians, but find the traditional church services too restrictive.

Messy is enjoyed by all families seeking to meet Jesus through craft, music, worship and food.

St Patrick's Primary Academy

St. Patrick's school is situated alongside St. Patrick’s Church.  Christianity is central to its teaching, and we continue to build strong links between the church and the school. We do this through a weekly school service, held in church, every Wednesday at 9am during term time.  We recognise the historic foundations of the church and school, and we continue to preserve and develop its religious character. To find out more about the school click here.