Our Giving

Before Covid-19, a collection would be taken during an Offertory hymn, for those who chose to give at a service , but currently there is a table at the back of church where an offering can be placed as people come in or as they leave. We also offer a Contactless Card payment point, also at the back of church.

As in any business or organisation, what really helps the church is knowing there is a regular income, so thank you to those who regularly give to church either through Standing Orders or through the Parish Giving Scheme.  The PGS is a direct debit system which allows the Gift Aid, if applicable, to be collected easily. In these difficult times, it would be beneficial to us to recruit even more parishioners who could donate in this way. We are called to honour the Lord in our giving Proverbs 3:9

For general information on the Parish Giving Scheme, click here

For setting up a new regular donation, click here.

If you would like to make a one-off donation, click here.

For further details, please contact us here.

Thank you to all who support us.